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Why Buy A HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180°

HomeCourse Pro Screen 180 Dimensions
HomeCourse Pro Screen 180 Dimensions - Mobile

HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180°

Bring the Golf Course to Your Living Room

Allows golfers to easily create an indoor driving range with just a click of a button. Designed by experts, this premium golf simulator enclosure (simulator not included) provides a safe way for golfers to play indoors, whether at home or in the office. It is also an ideal tool for stores or facilities, serving as a unique teaching, training, and practice tool for both golfers and trainers.

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Ultra-wide Projectable Area

Compatible with all Golf Simulators

Play Your Favorite Course

Play virtual rounds of golf with HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 and a projector + golf simulator setup, for a fraction of the cost of standalone simulators. The Pro Arm side nets can be extended to create an ultra-wide 14ft projectable area, bringing the golf course to your living room.

HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180°

Side Netting

The set includes a pair of side nets (for the left and right sides) and four sandbags (two for each side), offering peace of mind in case of an errant shot that goes too far left or right.

Wall Mount Kit

If you would like to mount your HomeCourse onto a wall, you must purchase this kit. It works in combination with the Ceiling Mount Kit which is included with HomeCourse. Recommended for tall ceilings (9ft. or taller).

Landing Pad

The Landing Pad is n 9'x5' artificial grass surface meant to soften the landing of a ball as it drops down from the HomeCourse ProScreen. It is not meant to be used as a hitting surface (golf hitting mat not included).

Remote Control

Easily open and close any HomeCourse® ProScreen using the included wireless remote, which also comes with a wall mount for added convenience.