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Golfzon Wave Simulator & Launch Monitor


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Golfzon WAVE is a revolutionary golf system combining radar and infrared for accurate data, suitable for indoor/outdoor use, and featuring the WAVE Skills mobile app with 34 data parameters and Vision WAVE enabling you to play world-class golf courses.

Golfzon Wave Simulator & Launch Monitor

First-Ever Dual Launch Monitor

By working in tandem, two devices come together to create the Golfzon WAVE, the world’s first portable system that provides a wealth of data for every golf shot. Enhance your golfing experience with WAVE’s compatibility with devices like the Apple Watch, allowing for real-time data access and analysis. 

WAVE Radar

The WAVE Radar launch monitor harnesses advanced Doppler Radar Technology, delivering comprehensive data from soaring drives to delicate chips.

14 X 19 X 6 CM (0.7 KG)


The WAVE Putt sensor, empowered by meticulous infrared technology, captures the nuances of even the gentlest putts—matching the precision of higher-priced gear.

WAVE Skills App

The WAVE Skills App is a perfect practice tool for golfers who are serious about improving their game. The system captures a wealth of incredibly precise data from every shot, which is displayed instantly on the WAVE Skills app, so you can track your progress as you practice.

From driver to putter and every iron in-between, an incredible 34 parameters are recorded from both club and ball, unmatched by any other system in its class. To see your data, simply connect Golfzon WAVE via Wi-Fi to your preferred device and you can review every shot in amazing detail with user-friendly graphics.

You can also record videos of your swing using the built-in camera or your mobile to review at any time. A perfect way to help you view your swing, shape your shots, adjust your stance, and ultimately lower your score.

Vision WAVE Software

The Golfzon WAVE system features our advanced Vision software, offering lifelike 3D renditions of over 100 renowned golf courses. Golfers can practice, play with friends, or compete globally in Network mode. For an HD experience, connect WAVE to a device and display, or opt for the full setup with net, screen, and projector for a near-realistic feel.

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