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HomeCourse® Telescopic Rod Replacement


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Why buy the Telescopic Rod Replacement

  • Easily open & close the ProScreen
  • Crafted to fit perfectly with the Pro Arms
  • Trust that it will withstand regular use
  • Struggle with mobility issues

HomeCourse® Telescopic Rod Replacement

Introducing the HomeCourse® Telescopic Rod Replacement, the ultimate solution for effortless operation of your ProScreen. With this replacement rod, you can easily open and close your ProScreen, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Crafted to fit perfectly with the Pro Arms, it guarantees a secure and reliable connection, so you can trust it to withstand regular use. Whether you struggle with mobility issues or simply need a reliable replacement, the HomeCourse® Telescopic Rod Replacement is here to provide convenience and peace of mind. Upgrade your ProScreen setup and enjoy the convenience of seamless operation with this high-quality telescopic rod replacement.